Report: 69% Ghanaians dissatisfied with Nana Addo’s corruption Fight

A latest report by Penplusbytes, a civil society organization, reveals that 69 percent of Ghanaians feel that government’s fight against corruption is unsatisafactory. The report dubbed “Metogu Anti-corruption report”, according to Programmes Director, Jerry Sam focused on seven thematic areas, within which twenty key promises made by the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo to curb or arrest corruption were assessed.

In an interview with Skyy News’ the Programmes Director emphasized that government according to their study has shown little commitment to fulfilling its promise to arrest corruption in the country.

“We need to educate and inform citizens about the promises government has made on corruption. So we set out to educate people about the anti-corruption promises made by government and also find out from them, whether they think that government is fulfilling those promises. Interestingly, 69% of the respondent that we engaged during our research said, they don’t think government is serious about fighting corruption”, he stated.

He clarified that one out of the twenty promises have been fulfilled; thus the office of the special prosecutor-even with which, he stressed, has been questioned by the citizenry.

Mr. Sam said: “With all the promises government made on corruption, it is only one promise that the government has actually taken a step in delivering, that is, the office of the special prosecutor. And even that, citizens that were engaged thought that there were issues with it”.

Mr Jerry Sam justified that the Legislative Instrument to back the Special Prosecutor Act (Act 959) is yet to be passed by parliament. He argued the unavailability of such an essential element renders the Special Prosecutor less able to deal with cases of corruption brought before the office.

“The office of the Special Prosecutor is not working, and this is because the regulations and Legislative Instrument that are needed to guide the office of the Special Prosecutor has not been enacted. Hence, it is just by name now but Martin Amidu cannot go after anyone” he explained.


Story: Helena Cromwel

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