Sekondi District Hospital: Government completes review of contract, work to resume soon- Deputy Health Minister

Deputy Minister for Health Kingsley Aboagye –Gyedu has disclosed that government has finalised processes in reviewing the contract awarded for the construction of the Sekondi District Hospital. The hospital is among six others that were promised by the erstwhile Mahama Administration. The facilities; a turnkey arrangement with Messrs NMS Infrastructure and Barclays Bank Plc, London is at estimated cost of US$175,000,000.00. Beneficiary communities include; Dodowa, Sekondi,Takoradi European Hospital, Kumawu, Abetifi, Fomena and Garu Tempane. All of these projects except Sekondi, are at advanced stages of completion.

Ariel View-Sekondi District Hospital

In an interview with Skyy News, Mr. Aboagye –Gyedu explained that some discrepancies were identified, when they assumed office, as per monies spent against work done on the projects. He continued that the team tasked to undertake the review of the contract has completed its findings, and that work would resume at these project sites soon.

“When we took over power, we realised that the amount of money that has been spent is more than the work that has been done. Of course, as a prudent Government, nobody expected us to just continue with business as usual because if we did that, the amount of money left cannot complete the project and we will be hot. So Ministry of finance in collaboration with Ministry of Health decided to do some sort of review to find out exactly what is happening. That is what actually, has delayed the project. Thankfully, we have gotten the feedback from the team that was working on this and we know exactly where we are. We are going to go ahead we the project implementation”, he assured.

Commenting on a rather controversial case of some US 5 million worth medical logistics and equipment for Fomena and Kumawu District Hospitals being locked-up and wasting at the ports, the Deputy Minister contended such news are untrue. He clarified that the construction of the facilities in question are yet to be completed, stressing such items would be made available when works are completed as specified with the contractual arrangements.

“I know that Fomena is not complete neither is Bekwai completed. So if someone comes out to say US$5M worth of equipment are locked up as if the facility has been completed and we don’t want to release the equipment for use…. If the hospital is not complete how do you go and fix X-ray, how do go and fix hospital equipment in an uncompleted building? Naturally, we have to wait for the completion of the facilities and to the best of my knowledge most of these facilities are turnkey. It means that the contractor has a duty to build and to equip it. All we have to do is that when we walk in,we test to be able to ascertain for ourselves and to be sure that indeed all the facilities including the equipment are working so whether they are locked up in Tema or on site. The fact is that, it has not been completed. When it is complete, all these equipment will be installed and Ghanaians will have access to these facilities ,” he confirmed.