Sekondi Takoradi Health Directorate strategise against cholera 

Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Director of Health Services Joyce Bagyina has been sharing with Skyy news measures put in place to prevent any communicable disease as the rains set in. According to her the health directorate has intensified education on food handling and personal hygiene.

For example she stated that what they have observed is that many sachet water sellers mishandle the products which can give rise to cholera. According her even though the product is not contaminated some activities of the sellers expose the sachet water to bacteria.

“One area we are emphasizing is sachet water. The sachet water itself is normally not contaminated but the handling. The handling is what tends to contaminate it especially the street vendors. When they attend nature’s call, what do they do? Do they have soap and water with them to wash their hands? And when people pick it, they drink it direct. So the outer part of the sachet water may be contaminated. So when you drink it you end up getting cholera. So these are the things we are educating people on”.

Joyce Bagyina stated they are sensitizing the sachet water sellers on hygienic ways of handling the product so that it does not get contaminated.

She added the directorate has stepped up its campaign against open defecation as, “it is too much in the metropolis. We know the assembly has a project of helping some households get household latrine with support from Global Communities”.


In the periods of 2014 ad 2015 the Sekondi Takoradi metropolis experienced a cholera outbreak which affected tens of residents. Fortunately, last year there was no reported case of cholera. Joyce Bagyina is hoping to build on the success of last year.

“I believe it was because of our intense sensitization that we achieved that feat. So were are continuing with that. We are telling people that we are on our feet. The Environmental Health Department of the assembly, the Waste Management Department and the Health Department, we are on our feet doing all that we can to ensure that we don’t experience any outbreak this year.

She also stressed that the health directorate, “is advising people to avoid indiscriminate defecation as it contaminates our water and our food. They should eat hot food. Don’t go and buy cold food from the wayside and eat. The ice waters, they attract flies and those things are all risks. They should wash their hands with soap and water under running water or someone should pour the water on your hands. Avoid washing your hands from a common bowl especially at funerals”.

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