Sekondi – Takoradi set to be redeveloped

Mayor of Sekondi Takoradi Anthony KK Sam has opined the metropolis has completely outgrown its original plan of development put in place years ago. According to him a good number of structures in Sekondi – Takoradi have now became a nuisance and an impediment to development.

“Sekondi-Takoradi is a metropolis that requires complete reengineering. The metropolis has completely outgrown the original development plans put in place by the colonialist many years ago. Some of the buildings are now a nuisance and impede modern development. Spaces reserved for leisure and recreation have been taken over by unplanned developments. Wetlands reserved as natural receptacles have been encroached upon and ceremonial streets are now flanked by temporary structures that take away the beauty of the metropolis”.

Speaking at the first ordinary meeting of the second session of the seventh Sekondi-Takoradi metropolitan assembly Mr. KK Sam explained that ceremonial streets are now flanked by temporary and dilapidated structures that have taken away the beauty of the metropolis. The mayor stressed that the growing population makes the metropolis vulnerable to environmental decadence.

“It is time to redevelop the metropolis. We need to do this now to attract development, commerce and residents in order to create a quality urban environment that is a vital and dynamic place to work, play and live. The Ministry for Inner City Development will surely support us in that direction. As a prelude to this project of redevelopment, all unauthorised structures on ceremonial streets in the metropolis will be demolished. Bye Laws on street hawking and other commercial activities will be enforced to bring sanity onto the streets of the metropolis. Well-functioning cities are critical for economic development. And there is enough evidence to show that controlled urbanisation has been an important source of dynamism that has led to enhanced productivity and increased incomes in rapidly emerging economies”.

For this reason Mr. KK Sam insisted that Sekondi-Takoradi will require complete reengineering. He mentioned that already the assembly has engaged consultants to redesign the twin city.

“We have all seen and made inputs to the work of the consultants. Ladies and gentlemen, the doors are still open for more ideas and suggestion as they prepare to submit the final document for adaptation and implementation. Investors are waiting to invest in the major projects and we need to hurry up with our plans. We would like to turn Airport Ridge, Beach Road, Windy Ridge, Essikado Ridge, Sekondi Ridge, European Town, Race Course, Mount Zion and Anaji Namibia into the Agyirigano and East Legon of STMA. We will soon be engaging with the residents associations of these places so Assembly members in these places must arrange for dates and report to my office. First week in July has been chosen for an Investors Forum and the committee formed will soon brief us on the detailed program”.

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