There was a drama at Assakae, a farming community near Kwesimintsim in the Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolis in the evening of Friday, July 21, when a group of youth who had besiege the house of a young man to avenge on an assault on a friend discovered a big snake in the room of their opponent.


It all started when the brother of a self-acclaimed spiritualist together with his gang attacked some students at Assakae and robbed them of their money.

A brother of one of the robbery victims confronted the alleged robbery gang and dealt with them upon hearing of the robbery incident.

A young man believed to be a spiritualist and relative of some of the robbery gang heard the incident and rushed to engage the gentleman in a brawl.


In the process, the spiritualist butchered the opponent’s arm with a cutlass and took to his heels.

The injured victim was rushed to the hospital and this infuriated the friends of the injured who also rushed in to avenge.

They besieged the house of the spiritualist and forcibly entered his room, thinking he might be seeking refuge there.

When they couldn’t get him, they started ransacking the room and in the process spotted a very big serpent hidden in a Metal Trunk that attempted to bite them.

The young men overpowered the snake, killed it and made a public show of it.

The Police rushed to the scene to intervene.
The situation has since been brought under control whilst they continue to hunt for them.


Story: Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson (Skyy Power Fm)

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