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Shama Apo Installs New Queen for Fishmongers

A new queen for the Fishmongers in Shama Apo has been installed. The installation and out-dooring ceremony was performed last Tuesday by Safohene Baidoo. The Queen; Emelia Takyiwa Aikins took after her late mother and Queen, Faustina Abrokwa for the Fishmongers in Shama. Justifying Ms Takyiwa’s eligibility and right to the position, Deputy Queen, Mena Twobah said “the late queen implored the traditional council to allow her daughter succeed the throne should she pass on”. She added the council upon thoughtful deliberations consider Ms Takyiwa fit for the position.

“Several questions have been raised concerning why the lady has assumed the throne after her late mother. Truly, I was summoned before authorities to respond to this issue. So I explained to them that it was her late mother’s request… after all she has been doing this even before the mother passed away. The authorities understood and are solidly backing her”

Speaking shortly after her installation, Ms. Emelia Takyiwa reiterated that the council did the needful in appointing her. She emphasized her five years’ experience working in an acting position when the substantive queen fell ill, gives her great confidence to deliver. She assured the council and fisher folk of her commitment to fulfilling her duties diligently.

“I have been in acting position over five years even before my mother’s death. I have been able to accomplish every duty assigned to me”, she added.

She promised to advance measures to tackle issues of illegal fishing activities, and also ensure that kids stay out of the harbor during school hours.

She said: “So I will continue to fight against unscrupulous activities associated with fishing. I am going to sack all school dropout at the harbor and send them back to school with the help of the police. I will also provide jobs and skill training for teenagers and all interested persons who would want to learn trade”


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