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Shama District Assembly disburses GH121K for PWDs

The Shama District Assembly has disbursed a total of GH₵121,450.00 to Persons with Disabilities.An amount of ¢17,300 was allocated to education.¢4,200 for medicals and ¢99,950 for economic empowerment. The disbursement was made in respect of educational support, medical treatment and economic empowerment. A total of seventy-seven beneficiaries out of a registered number of seven hundred and eighty-six were considered for the disbursement.

District Chief Executive for the area, Joseph Amoah in an exclusive interview with Skyy News’ Helena Cromwell, said a thorough need assessment was carried out by the assembly to identify mechanisms to address them. He noted the assembly complied with the respective guidelines and directives surrounding the management of the fund for inclusive and sustainable benefit for the beneficiaries. He added that the Assembly is willing to assist these persons with disabilities by equipping them with vocational training and implements to empower them economically.

“Giving out people or persons with disabilities cash does not help them. They go and use it and they come back looking for more so now the new guidelines is to ensure that we give them items that can help with economic livelihood or empowerment. It requires engaging them, doing assessment and knowing exactly what they want. Some may like to learn a vocation or trade. That is where we need to assist by ensuring that we put them into that training and also give them the necessary accessories or implements with which they can work with” he elaborated.

Mr Amoah averred that the District Fund Management Committee and Department of Social Welfare will be tasked to undertake routine monitoring of beneficiaries to ensure adequate and efficient ultilisation of the support given them.

“It is part of the work of the social welfare and of course the fund management committee. In fact they have to monitor that whatever these people get, they utilize it. So we will do a follow up. I will take personal interest in it to ensure that they are using it. That is why government put that policy in place to involve them not for them to be marginalised in economic development. So we have to ensure that they use what we’ve given them today” he explained.


Story: Jeannele Jones

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