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Shama District Assembly to confiscate equipment of clay mining companies operating illegally

The District Chief Executive for Shama, Mr. Joseph Amoah has issued a stern warning to clay mining companies operating in the district illegally.

He insist operating in the district without the requisite documents violates the Assembly’s bye laws therefore anyone found culpable shall be made to face the full rigors of the law. There are about ten companies mining clay in the Shama District.

The mined clay is supplied to ceramic companies  such as Twyford Ceramics Limited and Wangkang Ceramic Limited, all in the Western Region.

The District Assembly recently learnt that none of these companies are with a valid operating permit, and have since failed to honour payment of conveyance fees to the assembly.

Their activities have cause serious damage to the natural environment, one that has become a major worry to the assembly.

The District Chief Executive, Joseph Amoah is not pleased with the companies insisting they are duping the country by operating illegally.

Mr. Amoah has therefore given the companies by end of February this year to secure the requisite documentations so as to enable them regularise their operations.

“We are halting you from operating from now until February by then you have to register with the Assembly and obtain their business operating permit… payment for these documents should be done in full the Assembly will not receive any part payment from any company” , he stressed

He indicated any equipment confiscated will automatically become a property of the state. Mr. Amoah encouraged the companies to come to the Assembly for the necessary clearance to avoid any embarrassment.

“ Any mining company which will fail to obtain these documents within the given period of time, the Assembly will confiscate their equipment…The moment we confiscate your equipment we hand it over to the state and you go and deal with in with the president” he stressed


Source: SDA Public Relations Department/Stephen Cudjoe

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