Shama NPP Constituency Executive Elections underway…

Election of executive officers to steer the affiars of the New Patriotic Party in Shama Constituency is underway.

A total of 20 candidates [2 contestants for each position] are battling for 10 executive positions in the constituency.

The elections which begun today, Saturday 7 March, 2018, will see a sum of 489 voters comprising of 450 delegates (polling station executives),15 constituency executives, 14 electoral area coordinators, 5 patrons, and 5 council of elders will see to the election 10 officials in the following positiins; Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Organiser, Youth Organiser, Treasurer, Women Organiser, and NASARA Coordinator.

The polls suffered a major setback after some disgruntled members filed a court injunction on the conduct of election of polling station executives in the constituency.

An out of court settlement was sought by disputing parties after the Western Regional Executive Committee intervened.

Subsequently, the party’s polling station executives elections took force from the 11 to 20 March, 2018.

Should all go as planned, the elected officials would be given a fair opportunity to participate in the election of Regional Executive Elections slated for Saturday 21 April, 2018.


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