Shama Polyclinic

Shama Polyclinic: Contractor paid 11K excess despite delays and underperformance

It has been revealed that the construction firm contracted for the development of the Shama Polyclinic; Bremu Construction Limited was paid in excess of GH 11, 412.92 as per work done in the contract.

Prior to the abrogation of contract between Bremu Construction Limited and Ministry of Health, a financial audit was caused into the project to determine the value of financial investment and the work executed.

Member of Parliament for Shama, Ato Panford told Skyy News at the sidelines of an annual general meeting of the New Patriotic Party last Wednesay that the contract was determined due to the non-performance of the contractor since it was awarded in March, 2004.

“The next thing I’m going to do is to pursue this… for us to make sure that wherever that eleven thousand Ghana cedi has gone, is returned”, he said.

He disclosed that the contract was determined in February 2018, repackaged and re-awarded.

Hon. Panford added that the necessary financial arrangements have been secured and drafted into the 2019 budget. He explained that the project is non-concessionary, and that would not under any circumstance add to public debt.

“The most interesting part of it is that it is non-concessionary… it doesn’t put pressure on government funds. The term sheets will come to parliament, and we will surely approve it for them, for Shama to get their own hospital. For me that is one of the major things my people need” he emphasised.

A Public Relations Officer at the Shama District Assembly, Steven Cudjoe told Skyy News a Chine Engineering and Construction firm; Poly International Overseas Engineering Limited have inspected the construction site. Poly International Overseas Engineering is the same entity that undertook the renovation and expansion project on the La Polyclinic.

It is anticipated that work shall commence on the project early this year and complete by end of 2019.

Below are pictures of the abandoned Shama Polyclinic Project

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