Shama Sea Defence contractor complains of non- payment of arrears

Project Manager for Xara Developers, contractors working on the Shama Sea Defence Project, Niels Elsnab has bemoaned the non-payment of arrears from government which has delayed the completion of the project.

“We’ve been paid too late, he says, which is why the project has taken too much time.”

The Shama Sea Defence Project is two years behind schedule. The contract was signed on 2nd January, 2013.

The manager told Skyy News they often find it difficult to raise the funds to pre-finance the various stages of the project. He also said work has been halted for months at times because of the unavailability of finances to fund the project.

“We are not in the position to finance millions of dollars for Ghana government. We cannot continue like that. Sometimes for months we had to delay because we couldn’t raise the funds”

He however said the project is nearing completion.

“We’ve completed Abuesi, we’ve completed Aboadze. So I just spoke to the Director he says now he has to ask for another inspection. And hopefully they will give us a taking over certificate which will make the basis for the final payment.”

We work very very well with the government i have to stress that. I think it’s a government problem. The Minister said there were many contractors that were not paid in time; we were not the only ones.

Nevertheless, Niels Elsnab tells Skyy News the project is nearly complete and they will not halt work till it’s done.


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