The Achonwa D/A Basic School in the Ahanta West Municipality is suffering from severe infrastructure deficit to the point that school children sit on bare floor and cement blocks to study and write. Some of them also come to school with kitchen stools from home.

The teachers for the Junior High School are also accommodated under a palm frond shed as their Common Room.

Furniture is like a rare gold for the school. Children from KG to Junior High School suffer insufficient desks. This compels pupils in the various classrooms to resort to sitting on the floor or on kitchen stools to write.

Most of the classrooms are without doors, leaving the classrooms easily accessible to animals, who denigrate the classrooms with their feacal matter. This reporter saw that some teachers had used a combination of their chairs and tables to close the doors to prevent animals from accessing the rooms during their absence.

Some of the teachers who spoke to our reporter, on his visit to the school, revealed that the situation in the school makes them yearn for transfers. According to some of the teachers, some of their colleague have successfully gotten transferred from the community because of the unfriendly conditions in the school.

One of the teachers (name withheld) said she was among a certain batch of teachers who were brought to the school to help when it had only three teachers serving it. According to her, all the members of that batch cried when they arrived at the school.

We really cried that day, when we got here. There was nothing here to make us want to stay. It was really sad. We wondered; why us? All of us wanted to be transferred from here,” she said.

Showing this reporter where the JHS teachers use as their common room, she stated that it is very discouraging that teachers are made to sit under this shed as their Staff Common Room.

The structure has palm fronds put on top of a skeletal wooden structure, with some students desks placed under it. It will be impossible for teachers to sit underneath such a structure when it rains. According to the teachers, that is where they sit to prepare for their lessons, and also to mark their pupils’ exercises.

This where the teachers sit to mark exercises, and to prepare for their lessons. After every teacher’s lesson, this is where he/she sits. If you come and meet us sitting here, you will see how pathetic the situation is,” a teacher told our reporter.

One resident, Maame Kwamba, who was standing by, retorted “how do you expect the teachers to perform under this condition?”

The school has vacated and we hope that the period will be used to put the school in shape for the next term.

By: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy News/Achonwa

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