Skyy@20 Business Master Class opens

The Skyy@20 Business Master Class opened Wednesday December 6, 2017 with a call on business owners to be resilient when building their businesses.

The Skyy@20 Business Master Class is a business training module created by the Skyy Media group to equip potential and existing small scale businesses in the Western and Central Regions with the right attitude and where withal to create and stick to a practical business plan which will make their business stand the test of time.

The two-day training, is being facilitated by District Chief Executive of Wassa East, Hon. Wilson Arthur and Business and Financial consultant, Yaw Korankye Antwi.

In a session Mr. Yaw Korankye Antwi indicated the surest way for young businesses to survive in times of challenges is for them not to give up when they meet challenges but rather use them as signposts and re-strategize.

“No business is immune to collapse. Old and existing businesses do collapse and same is for new business. But the key ingredient to make every business stay afloat is resilience”. “It is a fact in business that only 30 percent of cash flow projection works which explains that cash flow projection failure could be as high as 70 percent. This alone has the tendency of collapsing a business”.

He stressed “so for a business to thrive you need to be resilient as an entrepreneur and this will enable you to stand challenges”.

Mr. Korankye Antwi encouraged young people with business ideas to be bold and put them to work.

“Never be frightened because you don’t have a capital. You have to be driven by the conviction that you are willing to work to make the business idea a reality”.

He was however quick to caution that “be mindful not to let the desire to get rich fast be your motivation as such desire always kills a business even before its implementation”.

Participants at day 1 of the master class were drawn from both the Western and Central Regions.

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