STMA extends decongestion exercise to Nkontompo

The Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly has once again begun an intensive decongestion exercise in a bid to beauty the streets and ease traffic on our roads.

This time round the taskforce from the assembly stormed the Nkontompo Township to demolish all unauthorized structures that have been erected on the shoulders of the road and other places. Properties worth thousands of cedis were lost to the exercise which was carried out yesterday.

Public Relations Officer for the STMA, John Laste, told Skyy News’ Abraham Mensah that occupants and property owners of these unauthorized structures were given notifications to remove their structures before a specified date. He noted it was unfortunate that these persons couldn’t adhere to the directive, and hence suffered the consequence.

“Those developments are unauthorized, and we’ve been giving them notices since the beginning of this year to move from the area. We started the exercise along that area last year. They’ve been adamant and refusing to move so we have to make sure that we clear them from there”, Mr Laste stated.

Asked if the Assembly would consider some legal sanctions against such persons, particularly recalcitrant ones, Mr Laste said “that is the ultimate but then, we are also looking at the fact that these processes do take some time. And the law mandates us to make sure that we clear these developments as long as they remain unauthorised”

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