STMA spends funds on NDC campaign

It has emerged that the past Mayor of Sekondi Takoradi Charlotte Otuwa Odoom may have used her office for political ends.

Current Mayor Anthony KK Sam has disclosed that the assembly is indebted to the tune of nineteen million, five hundred and sixty nine thousand, three hundred and thirty four cedis, sixty five pesewas (GHs19, 569,334.65) out of which a portion was spent on the 2016 campaign of the NDC.

Contained in the speech of the Sekondi – Takoradi Mayor KK Sam at the first ordinary meeting of the second session of the seventh Sekondi-Takoradi metropolitan assembly is the said amount which the mayor explained was in the handing over notes he received from his predecessor [Charlotte Otuwa Odoom].

According to the Mayor outboard motors, jerseys and volley balls were bought to aid the campaign of National Democratic Congress during the 2016 general elections for which the assembly has to pay. The said items were supplied by a company called DELOVELY COMPANY LTD.

Mr. KK Sam in an interview with Skyy news on the sidelines of the sessional meeting said the general assembly will have to decide whether to pay or not.

“We are going to discuss it as an assembly during this session that this is what I came to meet. Monies were used for football jerseys, monies were used for outboard motors and the rest and the assembly is supposed to pay. So we are going to discuss as an assembly whether it was the assembly who ordered it or what because it is clearly stated in the notes as used for campaign”.

According to the Mayor any decision that will be taken will have to be based on the laws governing the assembly especially on how it funds must be used.

“I am going to tell them what I’ve come to inherit, so what do we do? Are we going to use our monies to pay for the jerseys, did they see the jerseys, did we order for the outboard motors, have they seen the outboard motors, were they aware of the distribution, where did it go because if you are paying for something then you should get some benefits out of it. The money is not mine, the money is the assembly’s money”.

Mr. KK Sam expressed utter shock that the assembly’s money will be used to fund the activities of a political party.

“Civil service is different from political administration. So why should a political party go in for something and bill the civil service organization or the assembly for that matter”.

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