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STMA: Traffic regulation systems worsening, bureaucracy impeding re-fixing process- Department of Urban Roads

Traffic regulatory systems in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis is deteriorating and gradually fading with a resulting congestion on our roads. Skyy News could hardly count half a dozen functional traffic lights in the metropolis.

Some of these traffic stands have been knocked down and has seen no repairs for years, others have had either their bulbs dysfunctional or non-receptive to signals. The Urban Roads Department of the STMA in 2016 awarded a contract for the reconstruction of some traffic lights at designated spots but that failed to materialize.

Director for the Urban Roads Department of the STMA, Mike Dzisi said maintenance fees borne by the assembly to get the very few traffic lights functional has been constraining. He adds that contractual arrangements with these firms tasked to maintain them has expired.

Mr Dzisi said: “at the moment we are hesitating to renew their contracts. Currently we have virtually two intercessions with functional traffic lights. So we had expected to change these traffic signals so that we put in a new maintenance contract”

Mr Dzisi explained that the current traffic regulatory systems are obsolete. He bemoaned the traffic situation will remain unchanged until government repackage and award a contract for its redevelopment.

“The equipment are outmoded. The manufacturers have stop manufacturing their components so it’s often very difficult to get them to repair broken ones. So these are the challenges until the time that we are able to change to modern types Takoradi will continue to experience this problem”, he explained.

Mr Dzisi said the bureaucratic nature in approving requisitions for such works had delayed progress.


Story: Abraham Mensah

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