STMA warn landfill operators against earth excavation on hills in residential arears

A strong caution has been given to landfill operators who excavate earth from hills in residential areas and along roads in the Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolis. An infuriated mayor for the STMA, Anthony K.K Sam at a town hall meeting held in Sekondi last Tuesday, stated some of these operators in that business have not been given authorization by the assembly to undertake such a disastrous activity.  He mentions the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have issued several warnings and advice on a potential calamity that might befall residents who reside in areas where earth is being excavated.

“Some unauthorized persons have been excavating soil from hills in residential areas and other unapproved areas. No person has been given a permit to do that. So you ask yourself, what do you want those living uphill do when it rains… what if there is a landslide? Lives and properties would be lost as a result”, he fumed.

Mr. Anthony K.K Sam cautioned that dwellers and traders under electrical cables and pylons of energy distribution companies must equally be warry of the complications and danger they might experience for their exposure to such hazards.

He hinted that the assembly would soon embark on an exercise to evacuate all dwellers and collapse structures at such areas.

“We will soon hit the streets and communities. All of such structures will be collapsed. We will not issue any warning this time. We’ve been insistent, so many announcement has gone round to get them out of these areas. STMA will not pay a dime for a compensation or whatsoever for persons who would be affected by the demolishing. We’ve not authorized anyone to erect any structure in these areas”, he cautioned.

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