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Tadi Kidnap: Relatives, community threatens “boot-for-boot-all-die-be-die” demo on Feb 22

Relatives of the three kidnapped girls [Priscilla Blessing Bentum 21 years, Ruth Love Quayson 18 years, and Priscilla Mintabiah-Korankyie 18 years] together with traditional authorities and the Diabene and Kansaworodo communities have threatened to embark on a heated demonstration in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis on Wednesday 20 February, 2019, should the state fail to rescue their daughters.

According to the families, the police could have given the circumstances, rescued these girls if they were of a minister of state or a government official.

“We are 100 percent convinced that if this incident happened to one of our ministers or any dignitary, by now, we would have found them”, spokesperson to the families, Michael Grant Hayford cried.

The families, traditional authorities and residents of the aforementioned communities at a press conference this morning cried that assurances given them by the police have deafened. They are therefore calling on the President of the Republic, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to intervene.

“…if not, if not, 22nd February, we are going to have massive demonstration. And that massive demonstration we don’t need the police to come and protect us. We don’t need any security agency to come and protect us. We are capable of taking care of ourselves. We’ve given them the benefit of the doubt…we have relied on them several time but nothing better has come out of it”, Mr Hayford charged.

“The people in our communities, the entire region will come together to have a massive demonstration. It’s going to be boot-to-boot, it’s going to be all-die-be-die”, he warned.

Mr Hayford hinted that the security agencies would not be given knowledge of the route they would use for this demonstration.

“The fact that as it stands now that we don’t know the route these kidnappers used to take our girls to their destination, we are also saying that the police would not be given any idea of the route we will use for this demonstration”, he justified.

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