Tadi Kinap case; “I was aided by a CID officer to break jail”- Suspect confesses

The suspected “Nigerian kidnapper” of three girls in Takoradi, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills has disclosed that his “jailbreak” at the Takoradi Central Police Station in December last year was aided by a CID Officer and a colleague. The revelation was made to the court today when he appeared for trial.

Udoetuk-Wills could only mention the name of his colleague, which he gave as Kwesi, but was hesitant to mention that of the CID Officer.

The Takoradi Magistrate court presided by Mr. Michael Ampadu upon hearings from the defendant [Udoetuk-Wills] has adjourned the case to 18 February, 2019 to allow the defendant prove to the court his claims of the involvement of the said persons.

A sister to one of the kidnap victims, Lindway Quayson told Skyy News the court has been too lenient and causing an unusual delay in getting their sisters rescued.

“They have to produce my sister. Else serious strike will hit the Western Region… the way things are going I don’t know if I should trust them. What is going on. They are giving this guy a royal treat or something. We don’t like what is going on. Even if I have to bet my last coin on it, we will do something. Seriously! By the close of this week if I don’t see my sister we will do something”, she cried.



Validity of claims

Security Analyst and Criminologist, Emmanuel Sowatey advised that it would be hasty and wrong for the public to condemn the police service given the allegations made by the suspect at the court. He concluded that until the court establishes, based on evidence per investigations taken on the allegation as factual, the claims could be a tactical effort to divert or delay the process.

He contended that such is characteristic of ex-convicts such as the suspect himself.

“…and so the person can come after a number of court appearances and then change their conventions. And you see that in Ghana, a number of times people have said that X, or Y was involved in my escape or murder or things like that. So the fact that the person says that, you need to go beyond what the person has said”, he clarified.

“But I’m also not oblivious that there’s corruption within the Police Service. And the Afrobaromoter report on corruption perception index, and there are drivers who will tel you that some Police personnel take money from them. So because of that trust-deficit, sometimes, not all the cases, people hide behind that trust deficit and then concoct all sort of stories against police service. Sometimes its true, sometimes it isn’t. In this particular case, the possibility that what the man is truth and the whole truth, needs a little more interrogation”, Mr Sowatey corrected.


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