Takoradi: 23 year old loses lower lip through accusation of flirting

“I was recovering from an illness, and had gone to buy food amidst difficulty. Just after finding a seat at our salon to sit, I heard a bang on our door. Just at the spare of the moment, someone held my heard and hit it against a wall. In the struggle, my lip went into her mouth, and she bit it.”

Beatrice Erica Agyapong, a twenty-three year old hairdresser apprentice at Pricsy’s Parlour located at Bankyease, narrating her story to me, at her bedside in the Kwesimintsim Hospital, Takoradi. Beatrice has had her lower lip bitten off by an incensed lover of a boy who gave her a ‘lift’, Friday morning.

According to her, she had only requested for a ‘lift’ from a man, whose name she gave as AB, to go and buy food, since she had still not recovered from her illness, and it was therefore struggling to walk properly. The ‘babaMama’ of this young man did not like the idea of Beatrice getting a ride from him, and suspected the lady to be dating the boyfriend.

“I have stomach ulcer, and was discharged from the hospital just a week ago, so I came to work on Wednesday but I couldn’t eat that day. On Thursday too, I took only tea. So on Friday, I decided to eat something. There is this man in our house who owns a car, so I asked for lift so that I can go to Kwesimintsim and get food. So when I got to the salon, the guy’s girlfriend came out of the house. Suddenly, she pushed the gate and asked what I went to do in the husband’s car,” she said.

Beatrice Agyapong continued that the girlfriend, whose name was only give n as ‘Mummy’, continued to assault her, and in the process, bit off her lip. She told skyypowerfm.com she fainted a short while after.

“She slapped me in the face and started beating me so I also started fighting back but couldn’t because I was weak. In the process, she bit my lip and I started bleeding. She later hit my head on a block, and I fainted,” she said.

Beatrice’s bitten lip

According to her, she has nothing to do with the man, Bro AB, and therefore does not understand how the girlfriend could do this her. She tells us that the man once proposed to her but she refused him because she has a boyfriend, whom she has dated for more than two years.

“I don’t have anything to do with the boyfriend. He’s just a nice person, and even gives out gifts including rice and other things to his neighbours during Christmas. And because he proposed to me and I didn’t accept, he’s not really in good talking terms with me lately.

“I don’t have anything to do with the guy. I have a boyfriend, and even when I was hospitalised for a week, he was the one who took care of the bills. He gives me everything I need, unless I don’t ask. My hairdressing apprenticeship, it was him who he paid for everything. So why would I go in for another person,” she added.

Surgery needed

Beatrice Agyapong says doctors have told her she will need a plastic surgery to correct her mouth, and that she will be transferred to Korle-Bu for that. She explains that when the mouth was bitten, they took her to the hospital without the remainder, resulting in the death of the cells in it, rendering it ‘useless’ in the case of any intervention to join the two.

“After biting me, she threw it away so they couldn’t fix it back when they eventually decided to work on them. They are saying that on Monday, they will take me to Korle Bu for a plastic Surgery.

Police involvement

The case has been reported at the Kwesimintsim Police, and they have already begin their investigations into the issue. According to her, because she cannot talk properly, they have asked to come back to her on Monday to get her statement.

“Because I can’t speak well, they say on Monday, when the pain goes down, they will come and take my statement,” she said.

Story By: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy News/Takoradi

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