Takoradi Mall: Proactive measures taken to ease traffic along the highways- Ghana Highways Authority

Western Region Maintenance Manager of the Ghana Highways Authority, Patrick Okoto has clarified that the road works being done by the developer of the Takoradi Mall is in tandem with a thoughtful plan and recommendation from a Traffic Impact Assessment undertaken on the N1 (Takoradi, Edzii – Cape Coast) highway. He says the GHA has scrutinised the designs and plan for the road project.

Residents and motorist in the city have been complaining over fears that the project would worsen the traffic situation on that road. Others say their work is causing some destruction on the shoulders of the asphalted road.

But Mr Okoto explained the developer is acting upon the recommendations to ease traffic that might build up as a result of the operationalization of the mall. Specifically, a barrier curb is being constructed to restrict left turn-ins on the N1 into the mall, a situation Mr Okoto added normally results into vehicular traffics.

“We are insisting that all the entries to the mall should be a “right-in, right-out” entry and exit. Nobody will be permitted to make a left turn into the mall. We have insisted that they create a dedicated acceleration and deceleration lane into the mall and construct a physical barrier to prevent drivers from turning left from the Nkrumah Circle into the mall”, Mr Okoto emphasized.

Mr Okoto disclosed that a packing bay would be constructed some 50 meters away from the entry of the mall to allow commercial drivers to drop off their passengers going to the mall.

“We’ve also asked them to create a parking bay 50 meters to the entry…especially on the Edzii – Pipeano link of the road so that commercial drivers would have to drop off their passengers before they enter the main road”, he said.

He told Skyy News the authority would impress on the security agencies to check on motorist to comply with signs and regulations along the area.

“The traffic should be controlled such that no vehicle, and I mean no vehicle should be allowed to stop”, he cautioned.

Albeit, Mr Okoto admitted that some traffic would eventually build up along that road given that the area is already congested. He assured residents that the measures taken would help alleviate the impact the activities at the mall would bring.

“I must admit that even in its current state that section of the road generates a lot of traffic and I want people to understand that the mall even though is creating some level of activity, we want to make sure that the activities of the mall will not impact on the traffic flow. And therefore we want to isolate the mall traffic from the highway traffic”, Mr Okoto reiterated.

The Takoradi Mall is expected to be completed before December this year. Official billboards on the premise indicates that the mall will be open for business by December 15, 2018. It would undoubtedly be the biggest mall in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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