Takoradi Port offers a reduction in anchorage fees for shippers

Management of the Takoradi Port have effected some favourable reduction in anchorage charges for shipping agents, in a bid to beat down the cost of doing business for their clients with the port. The charges have been slashed down from $0.0187 per metric tonnes to $0.015 per metric tonnes.

Speaking at an end of year stakeholder cocktail organized by the Takoradi Port yesterday, Director of Port of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Takoradi, Captain Ebenezer Afedzie hinted that water supply charges at the port shall be reviewed downwards to complement their operations.

“To further reduce the cost of doing business through the Port, the port anchorage fees has been reduced reduced from $0.0187/mt to $0.015/mt. Additionally, negotiations are at very advanced stages to review downward water supply charges at the Port”, he said.

Recounting some successes chalked by the Takoradi Port for the year 2018, Captian Afedzie disclosed that an increase of 642,150 metric tonnes in cargo traffic was recorded between January to October, as compared to same period in 2017. The rise represent a 10 percent change between 2017 and 2018 at the said interval.

“Comparative January-October 2017/2018 statistics indicates an increase of 642,150 mt representing 10 percent increase in traffic with all indicators except transit registering increases: imports (7%), exports (14%), transshipment (3%), transit (-36%)”, Captain Afedzie clarified.

He added that “in 2017, total port annual traffic recorded was 8 million mt but as at end of October 2018, the Port had recorded 7.3 million mt of traffic. We believe that by end of December 2018, the 8 million mt annual traffic recorded in 2017 would be exceeded”

Captain Afedzie remarked that vessel calls for the year under review rose by 15 percent.

“It must be noted that the increase in vessels ca;;s is largely due to calls by supply vessels servicing Ghana’s Oil and Gas fields which recorded an increase of 33% from 742 in2017 to 983 calls within the same period in 2018”, he said.

Captain Ebenezer Afedzie noted the port in the year under review faced some challenges, one of which was the continued breakdown of the mobile harbor cranes. He assured their stakeholders the situation has been resolved to deliver quality service going forward.

“The major challenge that we encountered as a port in 2018 was the continuous breakdown of the mobile harbor cranes. This I must say, impacted negatively, port operations, particularly container vessels turnaround time. The good news is that, the situation is almost resolved and in the coming year the Liebherr Crane christened George Barnes will swing into full action”, he explained.

Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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