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Takoradi: Two (2) hardcore armed robbers sentenced to 140 years in jail with hard labour.

The Takoradi Circuit Court has sentenced two suspected armed robbers to a combined one hundred and forty (140) years in prison, with hard labour.

Her ladyship Abigail Animah Asare, the presiding Judge charged the two; Nicholas Nana Takyi and Charles Kwame Ampong, on counts of stealing, conspiracy to steal, possession of arms, robbery and causing harm.

Police prosecutor, Cop. Francis Osei Bonsu told the court that the complainant, Yakubu, is unemployed and a resident of Takoradi, whilst the accused persons are also unemployed and residents at Apowa. He said there has been series of reports on attacks and theft of belongings of residents of Takoradi and surrounding areas, as well as passengers at the Takoradi – Accra Station at Top Ten, a suburb of Takoradi. The residents therefore decided to form a community watch dog group to clamp down the perpetrators.

According to Cop. Osei Bonsu, on Oct.1st 2018, at about 2 pm, the accused persons, who were on the wanted list of the police, were spotted and arrested by the group with the support of the Police who were on duty at the lorry station. The accused persons were immediately sent to their homes at Apowa, and items such as mobile phones and accessories, ladies wear and school bags were retrieved.

He said a witness in the case who had earlier reported at the station of her missing phone, which was snatched from her, was called upon to identify the items, and she identified one of the phones as hers, as well as some ladies’ dress which was stolen from her shop.

An identification parade was latter conducted, and five (5) other witnesses including Isaac Onomah, who was attacked with a knife by the accused persons, wounding him in the process, identified the accused persons as the people who attacked and robbed him of his personal belongings. The police prosecutor said after investigations, the accused persons were charged with the offence.

The presiding Judge, Her ladyship Abigail Animah Asare, in her judgement, said the two are ex-convicts who know the law, and it’s only a longer sentence that will keep them away from innocent people. She said per the laws, the minimum sentence of their offences is 15 years and she had to apply the law to the latter.

The presiding judge therefore handed 50 years jail term with hard labour to Nicholas Nana Takyi, whilst Charles Kwame, who she described as a hard core armed robber, was given 90 years in prison with hard labour.

Story by: Nana Yaw Kumi/Skyy News/Takoradi

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