Takoradi:“Kidnapped girls aren’t dead”, suspect confesses

Some sigh of relief is gradually settling in the hearts of families and relatives of the three-kidnapped girls in Sekondi Takoradi, as the Police closes in on accomplices named by the arrested suspect; Mr Udoetuk Wills.

Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs Cynthia Morrison, at a visit to the affected families on Sunday 27 January 2019, mentioned that the suspect [Udoetuk Wills] have assured the police of his victims’ safety and life.

According to her, the Director General of CID, DCOP Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah briefed her about the assurance given them by the suspect of the girls being alive.

“I’m happy the culprit has started talking. That is what I wanted, because I didn’t believe he will not talk. From here, I’m going to see him and talk to him and see where we can get to”, she told Skyy News in an interview.

Asked by Skyy News’ reporter Abraham Mensah for confirmation and proof of life, if given by the suspect, the Minister answered that “it could be, but we haven’t gotten there because according to them [Police], he [Udoetuk] said they are still alive. So lets us take it from there. We should not speculate. We should hold onto to what he said”, Mrs Morrison emphasized.

Other Development

Just as the Minister’s tour was going on, some residents of Ahenkofi, a suburb of Sekondi, had stormed a hotel [Evergreen Hotel] barring any entry or exit, over suspicion of some of these suspected kidnappers using that place as their hideout.

Hundred held clubs, stones and machetes awaiting to assault the “kidnappers” when they come out.

The suspects [number and identity not confirmed yet], fearing for their lives, allegedly broke into a wall at the basement of the hotel and evaded.
Minutes later the police came and an inspection ensued. Bottles of alcoholic drinks, plastic cups, a bag and a few other personal effects were seen in their rented room at the hotel. The Police has collected them as evidence and shall be used to aid their investigations.

An officer [Edward Makaya] of GREL, Takoradi was nearly lynched by some residents at the scene. He had just drove and parked his black Pontiac Vibe behind the crowd only to learn of what was happening. Suddenly some young men confronted him and begun accusing of being one of the suspected kidnappers.

It took the intervention of a local Pastor and his fiancé to dispatch the crowd and avert a potential threat or harm to his life. He was hurriedly taken to the Kojokrom Police Station where he sought refuge.

But the mob were not convinced. They stormed the station threatening to kill the ‘innocent’ gentleman. The Police upon the advice of the station officer moved him from the station to the Sekondi Police Station, and then later to the Takoradi Central Police Station. He was released at about 1700 hours by the Police.

Mr Makaya’s vehicle’s tail light was smashed, and other parts dented. His Ipad and some money were also taken.

In the meantime, the police is on high alert to get these criminals arrested. The Public is however cautioned to respect the law than to resort to mob justice. They have been urged to report or volunteer useful information to the police as soon as possible to get the crisis extinguished.

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