Tanokrom Artisans Brouhaha: Court order fraudulently secured for their eviction- Group Alleges

A wild allegation has been raised by the aggrieved Tanokrom Kokompe Artisans over the manner at which a court order was secured for their eviction in February 2014. The group led by Aboagye Boampong at a press briefing today alleged that the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly acted in the height of resistance from the artisans at the time on a fraudulent court order released the developer for the Takoradi Mall; Western Development Consortium, to evict and demolish properties of the artisans.

According to him, as per requirements by the court, the developer; Western Development Consortium should have bought and prepared a land for the relocation of the evicted artisans before evicting them. Mr Boampong disclosed that their checks at the Lands Commission revealed that no such land was secured by the developer nor the assembly in respect of the relocation of the artisans at the time.

“As at the time our members were forcefully evicted in February 2014, no land was bought for the members. There were attempts to buy land for us. If you go to the Lands Commission as at February 2014 no land was bought and registered for the artisans. So therefore we can say without any doubt, that the order that was secured against the STMA which lead to our forceful eviction and destruction of our workshops, stores, machinery and equipment was fraudulently obtained”, he defended.

“The court was told that a land has been bought for the artisans to relocate to, and they are refusing to go. As at the time no such thing existed. No land was bought for us”, Mr Boampong fired.

Referencing an earlier assertion by the Mayor of the Metropolis, Anthony K. K Sam, in an attempt to reclaim ownership of the land at Kansaworodo Mampong which was meant for the artisans, Mr Boampong stressed that the artisans according to the Member of Parliament for Effia, Joseph Cudjoe have been made to believe that that parcel of land is theirs.

“Hon. K.K Sam says the Tanokrom Kokompe Artisans who were forcefully evicted on February 2014 do not have any claim to the Kansoworodo Mampong land. On the other hand Hon Joseph Cudjoe, Member of Parliament for the area category has confirmed that the land at Kansaworodo was bought by Western Development Consortium directly and without any question for the victims of Tanokrom Kokompe who were evicted on February 2014. It is very disturbing that two public officials who have paid various role on this issue are contradicting each other. It is on this basis that we want to ask; who is telling the truth?” he questioned.

He is therefore calling for better and proper particulars of titles on the land in earnest.

Mr. Aboagye Boampong reiterated the group’s demand for a decent compensation for the loss they suffer during the eviction.

“If this ground of securing the court order is fraudulent, then it suggest that for the fact that you destroyed our livelihoods, our workshops, without any basis, we deserve maximum compensation”, he added.

He hinted that the presidency and speaker of parliament will be petitioned to address their grievances and ensure that justice prevails.

“It is very clear that some official corrupt practices took place. We are therefore demanding a full scale enquiry into processes that led to the acquisition of the Tanokrom Kokompe land”, he warned.

The group have thus issued a seventy-two hour ultimatum to the Shoprite; operators of Takoradi Mall, and the STMA to respond to their demands else they would proceed with a heated demonstration at the presidency and then present their petition.



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