There may be a slight increment in utility tariff- Vice Chair, Mines and Energy Committee

Ghanaians have been advised to brace up for a slight increment in utility tariff in the coming months, as utility providers forge forth for an appreciation per service rendered.

The utility companies including NEDCO, GRIDCo, ECG, Ghana Water Company Limited at a recent engagement with the Public Utilities Regulation Commission impressed upon the need to increase their charges given the cost of production and unfavourable foreign exchange in the country.

Technical Subcommittee Chairman of the Public Utility Regulatory Commission ( PURC), Mr Ishmael Egyekumhene, has said the companies’ request for increase in tariff will be evaluated to determine whether it should be increased or not.

Vice Chair to the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy, George Mireku Duker in an interview with Samuel Kojo Brace this morning on the Jolly Breakfast Show, hinted that some increment should be expected in this year’s utility review.

“We don’t want to be plunged into dumsor. So whichever means possible, we must take to make life easier for consumers, we will make it happen. But look at the price of crude, gas,… the inflows have not been expected. We know gradually the inflows will be more. So, there may be a little increment. That I can say but for reduction no!”, he emphasised

But Director of Research and Policy with the Trades Union Congress, Dr Kwabena Otoo Nyarko argues that any hike in utility tariff must take into consideration the income levels and cost of living for the  ordinary Ghanaian. Albeit, the TUC, according to Mr Nyarko expects a 15 percent reduction in tariff given dynamics and projections stated in the 2019 budget.

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