Another prosecution witness in the Akatenchie Chieftaincy dispute has told a Sekondi magistrate Court there has not been any installation of a new Divisional Chief after the demise of Nana Ebenayeboafo VIII.

The witness told the court that as an Elder in the Akatenchie community, he presides over issues that occur in the town, together with the Asafo Company. Adding, however, that there has not been any installation of a Chief in Akatenchie that he is aware of.

According to him, in 2015, one Nana Sikayena was the Regent of the Akatenchie Division, with Anthony David Nicole-Sey as the Acting Head of the family (Abusuapanyin), and that “upon the demise of the Regent, the latter was made Regent of the Division.” He stressed “we don’t have a new Divisional Chief for Akatenchie Division.”

Answering a question from the Counsel for the accused, as to whether he is aware that particular issue about the installation has been ruled upon at the Ahanta Traditionbal Council, the witness stated “Yes, I am aware that issue was sent to the Judicial Committee of the Ahanta Traditional Council at Busua. I am also aware that the outcome of that process has been appealed against.”

The witness stated in court that he is in support on the Regent because he is the one they have been ruling the Akatenchie Division with since the death of the former Regent.

The case has since been adjourned to 9th April, 2018.


According to the Prosecutor, Sargent Patrick Amoh Mensah, on May 15 2015, one of the accused, Kwaw Prah was secretly taken to Aketenchie township by Nana Taiba (Queen Mother) and Ernest Amoah and introduced him as the new chief of the town.

He indicated that the two claimed that Kwaw Prah was succeeding the late Nana Eben Ayeboafo VIII, who was the Divisional Chief, knowing very well that their action could spark violence in the town.

Upon hearing the matter, the complainant reported it to Nana Baido Bonsu XV, the Omahene and President of Ahanta Traditional Council.

The Omanhene, on receipt of the information, called and advised accused persons to rescind their decision for peace to prevail at Aketenchie but they refused to heed to the Omanhene’s advice.

The prosecution added that the complainants upon pressure from the king makers, elders and the entire citizenry of Aketenchie reported the case to the police.

This prompted the police to arrest the three accused persons. In their caution statements, the accused persons alleged that the area had two gates from which chiefs were selected and that it was time for them to select someone for the throne.

And so they selected Kwaw Prah and kept him in confinement pending installation but were stopped due to some pending court cases with the complainant.

According to the prosecutor, it was clear that the action by the accused persons would likely breach the peace of Aketenchie.

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