Community Relations manager for the Petroleum Commission, Judith Adjobah- Blay

“We Coordinate CSR activities of Oil and Gas Companies to ensure fairness in distribution”- Petroleum Commission

The Petroleum Commission of Ghana has justified that all social impact projects being undertaken by oil and gas companies in the country need to be routed through the commission’s framework of social investment plan.

Community Relations manager for the Petroleum Commission, Judith Adjobah- Blay tells Skyy News that oil and gas companies in the country are required to submit plans on their social intervention projects they want to embark on, for appraisal and advice.

“We give them a template,…which we call the Social Investment Plan. So they bring their own plan and we advice.  If it is not assessed as social impact, and they are doing community investment, then it is at their own discretion”, she clarified.

She added that the Petroleum Commission strive to ensure an even distribution of these projects among the six host communities in the Western Region.

“This will help us monitor the good spread or even the effectiveness of such social investments”, she added.

Ms. Judith Adjobah-Blay emphasized that the commission liaises with the respective district assemblies in the catchment area, to streamline their medium term development plan with the social investment plan of the commission.

“We’ve liaised with the oil companies with the district assemblies, all things being equal we want to adapt the medium term development plan of the assemblies. Because within our mandate,  it is for us to do three things; to ensure in terms of community relations, that these oil companies are able to rake in some revenue, for the communities to benefit in terms of social development, and finally to enhance the existing the social development agenda of the government”, she noted.

“So we are in talks with the DCEs to firm up the medium term plans and to ensure that they are really representational of the community’s needs”, Ms. Adjobah-Blay emphasised.

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