The Medical Director of the Nana Hima Dekyi Hosptial in Dixcove, Dr. Osei Joseph has described as unfortunate, the neglect of the hospital by corporate organizations in the Ahanta West District and is thus calling on companies in and around the district to come to the aid of the hospital to help manage the many challenges that confronts health delivery at the facility.

According to him, the hospital, which is the only referral centre in the whole district, lacks certain basic but very important equipment in the health care system. This, he says, is seriously affecting health care delivery at the hospital.

Dr. Osei was speaking at a handing over ceremony organized by the hospital to receive donations from the Ahanta Association, based in the United Kingdom.

He said some churches have come to donate to the hospital as a way of contributing to the development of the facility, adding that the have gotten blood in huge quantities and there is the need to preserve some of them, but the freezers to do that are not available.

He pleaded for corporate organizations to come and help with these freezers.

“The SDA church gave us 100 units of blood. The blood has a life span of 45 days, and after that the blood can’t be used. But the lab technicians say we can process them into fresh frozen plasmas to support pregnant women who are about to deliver. But the freezers needed for this are not available in the hospital, and so it will be difficult for us to do this. I wish the companies around will come to our aid with freezers to help us do this,” he stated.

Dr. Osei said the absence of an Accident and Emergency Unit at the Dixcove Hospital is hugely impeding the quality of health care delivery for accident victims, at the facility. He called on companies in and around the Ahanta West District to come and support the hospital to complete its Accident and Emergency Unit.

According to Dr. Joseph Osei, companies in Ahanta West must help improve health care delivery in the district by supporting the hospital with equipment that will help improve health care, but unfortunately, the companies have done very little.

The Secretary General of the Ahanta Association, UK, Emmanuel Kwesi Quayson, who led the delegation, called on Ahantas, both home and abroad to do their best to help the hospital deliver better health care to the people.

“I know a lot of Ahantas in other parts of Europe so it will be my passion to go back and engage with them as to how they can also come back hoe to help,” he told the gathering.

He promised that the Ahanta Association, UK, will come back to donate to the Nana Hima Dekyi Hospital in the shortest possible time, having taken notice of the several daunting challenges confronting the hospital.

The Association presented twenty (20) metal chairs to the hospital to be used at the OPD section.

By: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy Power FM/Dixcove

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