Western Region GTA to market festivals in the Region – Regional Director

So after witnessing such a beautiful festival as the KUNDUM festival as has been celebrated in Essikado and the Lower Dixcove, what is being done to promote that and other festivals to attract international attention?

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Western Region branch, says it is implementing several projects in a bid to market traditional festivals of the Region to gain international recognition, and to attract attention to them.

According to the Regional Director of the Authority, George Nkrumah Ansere, the GTA has made promotion of our festivals a basic component of a familiarisation tour that the Authority is embarking upon. Additionally, Mr. Ansere said all the festivals are being documented digitally, to help make it easier to promote them. He added that more information will be available on the various festivals in the region soon.

Speaking to exclusively to Skyy News, the GTA Boss said his office in embarking on the familiarization tour to ensure that critical information on every festival of the region is captured on camera to serve as a reference point for interested parties. He said they are doing so because some of the information available on these festivals is scanty and insufficient in promoting them.

“Immediately, we are doing a familiarization tour, and we’ve made the festivals a core component of it. Now we are also doing very well to pick video documentaries on everything, so each festival that is being celebrated, we are documenting it anew. Some of the information is a bit way back and not specific, so now at GTA, we have Digital Department whose job is to pick digital information on everything that we have so that it will be easier to promote it and put it on various social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, and the likes,” he said.

Paramount Chiefs of Essikado, Upper and Lower Dixcove respectively, from left to right.

Mr. Nkrumah Ansere told our reporter that the GTA is sure of putting out much richer information on every festival in the Western Region in the shortest time, adding that it is the only way out to make our festivals attractive.

“Previously, even if you wanted information to put there, you couldn’t get it the way you wanted it, so as at now the new vision is looking at every specific situation and trying to digitize them, and I’m sure by next year the kind of information that will be available on these our festivals and culture will be much richer, because I think that that is the only way out,” he stated.

According to Mr. Ansere, people are not patronizing our festivals because of the lack of marketing for them. He said to cure that, appettising information about these festivals must be packaged for purpose to attract more people to travel from far and near to witness these festivals.

He stated “you can’t force people to come, but if you can give them apettising information, the people will be more interested to come. And then the apettising information must be directed to specific people who will be able to do that. That is why I was talking about what we can do to encourage our tour operators to be interested in putting together packaged tours to the region.”

The ‘Akyen Kwasi (Kundum) regalia.

Fantastic Hotel Facilities

On hotels, Mr. Ansere said the hotels are important aspect of tourism that have the capacity of attracting people into the region to witness the festivals because the revelers will know that they will have places to be accommodated.

According to him, the Western Region has fantastic accommodation facilities, and that there would not be any difficulty hosting big conferences in the region.

“We don’t have any difficulty in holding any conference, and accommodating presidents and dignitaries here. As of now we have very good four-star hotels. Apart from the Greater Accra Region, Western Region is the only region with four straight, good four-star hotels, and we have good three-star hotels too; and we have the sea to back it. So greater Accra is our main competitor, so we only have to bring the people in, and the business will be good,” he argued.

Atlantic Hotel, Takoradi.

Palms By Eagles, Takoradi.

Story By: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy News/Takoradi

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