Video: Passengers attack MMT conductor for Fare refund after Bus breaks down


MMT driver and his Conductor came under attack when stranded and enraged passengers of a Takoradi-Kumasi bound bus rushed on them to demand a refund of their fares after the bus broke down at Anto near Daboase for over six hours.

Another Bus was brought in to continue the journey after Mechanics from Takoradi failed to fix the problem on the broken down vehicle.

The drama-saddled Journey was thrown into another controversy soon after the Bus had taken off as the conductor rushed to a police station to make an assault case against one of the passengers when the Bus arrived at Beposo, few kilometres from Anto.

The police came to arrest the said passenger but the other passengers would not allow and the Bus was held up for over two hours till the issue was resolved.

The Bus eventually arrived at Kumasi at around 1am on Tuesday, March, 28, 2017.

Watch what transpired.

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