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A taxi driver, Ahmed Salifu, 33, has been brutally assaulted by an unnamed police officer at Eshiem Junction, Kojokrom, Western region. The assault has left one of his eyes badly swollen.

According to him, the Police Officer hit him hard, yesterday, when he refused to show him (Officer) his driver’s license, because he opted to show it to the Superior.

How did it happen?

Narrating his ordeal on the Jolly Breakfast Show, Tuesday, Salifu said the Police stopped him at the Eshiem Junction to and requested for his license. He said could not locate the license easily, and asked for more time to enable him search thoroughly for it. The Police Officer started insulting him for driving without a license. Salifu said he begged the Officer and told him he has the license but just cannot locate where he has placed. The officer, according to Salifu, got angry and hit him with the door of the car. He said he told the Officer not to do that because his job does not allow him to hit people in that manner.

The driver said he continued to search for the license, and luckily located it in a box he had in the car. At this point, the driver said, he decided not to show it to the Officer, but to the In-charge.

“I told him I won’t show him the license, and that I will show it to the leader of the team which is checking the drivers because he tried assaulting me when I was finding it difficult to locate my license,” he said.

Being infuriated by the driver’s action, the Police Officer suddenly slapped the eye of the driver almost from behind him. At this point, according to the driver, he had made his way towards the leader. He said he fell down suddenly because of the hit. Salifu said some people who were around helped him to his feet.

At this moment, he said, the Police Officers refused to take the said license which he was slapped for. He drove off to the Kojokrom Police Station and reported the incidence. He told the Jolly Breakfast Show that he was given medical forms to report to the hospital, which he did. The issue has been referred to the Western Regional Police Command in Sekondi for further investigations.

We are following this development to know how it goes.

Story By: Samuel Kojo Brace/Skyy News/Takoradi.

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