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Western Region records 66 road accidents in 30 days

As at Tuesday January 30, 2018 the Western Region had recorded 66 cases of road accidents.

Out of this worrying number, 13 of the cases resulted in deaths.

16 pedestrians were also caught up in the recorded accidents. 12 of them were injured with the remaining 4 killed.

“This is of great worry to us at the Police Service. So we are doing all we can to stem this worrying tide”.

Regional Commander of the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police Service Chief Superintendent Richard Appiah in an interview with Skyy news mentioned majority of the accidents occurred on the Takoradi to Agona Nkwanta Highway.

“For this particular stretch of road we have more than 15 accidents, which is worrying”.

He said “this road is being used by heavy trucks …trucks carting manganese and bauxite to the Takoradi Port. On top of it the road is in a very bad condition”.

“So drivers must be careful”, he advised

He explained preliminary investigation at the accident scenes points to over speeding and sheer negligence on the part of drivers.

“We see people not observing speed limits, the road is narrow and bad with a lot of potholes and also the presence of the heavy trucks”. These are causing the accidents”.

He cautioned heavy truck drivers to observe road safety signs on the road to minimize road accidents.

“I’m cautioning the drivers. Don’t think that you are a big truck so when you are involved in an accident you will survive and the other driver will lose the life. That is what these truck drivers think and so they drive recklessly … am urging them to stop since the law will definitely catch up on them”.

Chief Superintendent Appiah said as far as his outfit is concerned they will continue to educate drivers.

“Our stations, districts and divisional commands will up their road safety campaigns because we know enforcement and education at the same time go together. And that we know can stem the tide so that in February we will have a reduction in road accidents”.


Story by Stephen Cudjoe

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