WR MMDCE confirmation: Ahanta West confirms Henrietta Eyison, Nzema East gives Francis Okpanye 100%

The Ahanta West District on Tuesday confirmed the nomination of KNUST lecturer, Francisca Henrietta Eyison as District Chief Executive.

Hon Eyison polled 41 “yes” votes as against 10 “no” votes, representing an 80% endorsement.

The endorsement comes as a surprise, since the nomination of Madam Eyison was fiercely opposed by members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the district. gathered in the run up to the confirmation that the nominee was seen as an unknown figure within the party in the constituency, particularly in the most recently held general elections.

The nominee however refuted these claims, saying she was actively involved in the party during the Kufuor administration and also in the 2012 elections. She had admitted that she was unable to be physically present in the District during the recent election for health reasons, but still contributed financially.

The Assembly members seem to have heard her, as they gave her their mandate on Tuesday to represent the President in their constituency.

District Chief Executive Nominee for the Nzema East District, Francis Okpanye, was also confirmed on Tuesday, receiving a 100% endorsement from the District Assembly.

Hon Okpanye had 37 yes votes with none opposing.

The confirmation of MDCEs in the Western Region has run into its second week after the two confirmation teams took a break last week to allow the Regional Minister and Deputy to visit the injured in the Takoradi Gas Explosion.

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