WR NDC: Embattled regional organizer to lead bailiff to serve summons

The opposition National Democratic Congress has still not been able to hang the ghost of the crushing defeat it suffered in the 2016 general elections. Some members of the party especially at top echelons are still trading accusations at each other over the defeat. A committee that was set up to investigate the party’s horrific electoral defeat posits that the NDC lacked selfless and credible leaders.

The 13-member committee led by Dr. Prof. Kwesi Botchey points out that the credibility of some leading members of the party who were part of the various campaign teams of the party was in doubt, as their interest was to enrich their pockets. According to the report some regional executives squandered campaign cash while on a tour in the constituencies. The report found this attitude particularly in the Ashanti and Western Regions.

A case is playing out in the Western Region where the Regional Executive Committee of the party REC has suspended the regional organizer Japheth Baidoo in connection with the 2016 elections.

The suspension letter sighted by Skyy news reads in part, “Based on Chapter 8 of Article 46(1) of the Party constitution, the Regional Executive Committee on 28th April, 2017 took a decision to suspend you in order to commence disciplinary proceedings against you.

The charges levelled against you are but not limited to the following: 1. Non disclosure of possession of Party items and 2. Diversion of Party items. The letter is signed by the regional chairman Michael Aidoo.

Last two weeks when the story broke Mr. Baidoo explained he has instructed his lawyers to study the issue and act accordingly. On Monday Skyy news saw Mr. Baidoo and his lawyer one Mr. Kesse at the Sekondi High Court.

“…to redeem my image. just for them to establish that all what these people are peddling before the party members and all that are total lies, total fabrication, total fabrication to demean and defame me and tarnish my image which you know is far, far bigger and important than all the properties you can own on this earth”.

According to him he has instituted a legal action against three members of the party including the regional chairman Michael Aidoo.

“I’m talking of Mr. Michael Aidoo popularly known as Big Aidoo, Famous Tumi – Acquah and Kwesi Dick. These are the three and they are going to be served. I don’t know why they are running away and dodging”.

He claims the three have been dodging the bailiff as he has not been able to serve them with the summons.

“They (bailiff) have gone to some of their homes three, four times according to them. You know I was in Accra. According to them even if they are there (the three accused) they will tell them they are not there because they don’t know them physical. And so I need to lead them to go and serve them and am going to do that, am going to help them identify them and serve them. They need to be serve them personally”. They can listen to me and run away even if it takes one year they will be served”.

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