Western Region: Over 5000 children to be immunized against measles and Rubella

Western Regional Public Health Directorate has targeted about 5000 children from 9months to 5 years against measles and rubella in the Region.

The National Mass measles-rubella and vitamin A campaign will commenced on the 17th to 22nd this month.

Immunization will take place at all health centers and at a number of temporary immunization posts set up in schools, markets, bus stations, churches and all communities in the country to immunize all eligible children.

At a press briefing held yesterday on their preparedness for the campaign in the region, Deputy Director of Health in-charge of Public Health Dr. Kofi Asemanyi –Mensah said government is upbeat at reducing mother-child transmission that often result into complications for the babies.

“For the measles rubella, we are trying to eliminate from this country, we are trying to control something we call the congenital rubella syndrome, because if a pregnant woman contracts rubella and  the woman is at the early stages of pregnancy and the woman transmits the rubella to its growing fetus, there is the likelihood that when the mother gives birth, she will give birth to a baby who has got complications which is called the continental rubella syndrome where by the head will be small and the child will have so many problems like, a hole in heart, blindness etc. so to prevent that, we are also giving out the rubella vaccination”, he explained.

About 1,814 volunteers have been trained for the exercise alongside 606 vaccinators from the Health Service in the Western Region. Additionally, a total of 101 team supervisors and 50 Regional Supervisors from the Regional Public Health Directorate will monitor the activities of the vaccinators and volunteers.

” The measles rubella vaccination is a technical exercise, technical in the sense that it is vaccination so we need to have somebody who is competent and conversant in giving vaccination. So the core vaccinators will be our staff at the Ghana health service, mostly our community health nurses who have been giving routine vaccination to the children, but as part of the team, we will also have volunteers who will help with the setting up of the place for the vaccination to go on “he said.

Dr Kofi Asemanyi Mensah maintains that the strategy adopted would ensure effective implementation of the programme.


Story: Nana Yaw Kumi/Eric Gyetuah/ Skyy News

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