WR: Prestea – Huni Valley District best farmer returns prize items

The 2017 Best Farmer for the Prestea – Huni Valley District John Enimil has returned his prize items. He says he sees the prize items as a disincentive to his farming profession.

Mr. Enimil has more than one hundred acres of rubber and fifty acres of cocoa. He is also into poultry farming and animal rearing.

For his prize as the best farmer for Prestea – Huni Valley for the year 2017 he received among other things a bicycle, TV and a freezer. But the district has a prize history.

For the past three years the best farmer has received among his prize a tricycle. With this in mind Mr. Enimil said he was expecting an improvement or at least the tricycle and certainly not a bicycle as his case turned out to be.

“I felt very disappointed standing on the dais and being presented with these items to honor me as the district best farmer. These items do not encourage me to do more. Because for the past years we have had standard items we present to best farmers”.

“So if it gets to my turn and you honor a young farmer like me with just a bicycle instead of a tricycle you discourage me. In fact l feel cheated”.

He stated there was little consultation before the items were presented to him saying “it was after the incident that l was told the sponsor of the first prize items failed to bring the tricycle on time”.

Mr. Enimil explained the decision to return the prize items was purely because he felt the assembly has not been fair to him given what it gave past best farmers.

According to him if government wants to attract more youth into farming then it should use such platforms to properly recognize farmers especially as it seeks to wean the youth off illegal mining.

“It takes close to a year before you can begin to get some benefits from farming. But the case is different with regards to illegal mining. So if you want to award farmers so that the youth will be attracted to enter and you do this then what message are you sending”.

He indicated once he has sent the items there is no way he will take them back even if a tricycle is added.

Mr. Enimil noted that to prove his critics wrong he is preparing to contest for the best regional farmer for 2018.


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