Yellow Fever: Five Districts most at risk, GHS to begin Vaccination tomorrow

The Western Region Health Directorate will on Wednesday November 28th, 2018 begin a regional vaccination for the yellow fever viral disease.

The exercise which ends on 4th December 2018 will be done for persons between the ages of 10 to 60 in five districts in the western region.

Deputy Regional Health Director in-charge of Public Health, Dr. Asemanyi Mensah tells us the five districts participating in the exercise include, Bodi, Juaboso, Amenfi Central, Amanfi East and West.  The selection according to him was based on a risk assessment carried out in the country by the World Health Organization in these areas. Dr Asemanyi Mensah disclosed that the vaccinations have been limited in terms of supply and as such the directorate has had to improvise to get people vaccinated against the disease.

“Currently we have the vaccinations to cover the five districts which are at most risk in the region. Eventually we will cover the whole region…but as at when we get the resources then we deploy them”, he explained.

The exercise according to him, will take place in all health care facilities and designations places in the selected districts.

“We are not going to move from house to house. We are going to do what we call point vaccination, whereby our vaccination team will be at designated points for them to get the vaccination”, he added

Dr Asemanyi Mensah emphasized that a mop up will be done in the selected district after the expiration of the date set for the exercise, to enable others who couldn’t get vaccinated to do so.

He is calling on all who fall within the selected age bracket to participate in the exercise.

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